Saumya Sharma

Loosely entangling  multidisciplinary practices in handbag & footwear design, sculpture, leather goods design, film, and imagery.
I also make handpoke tattoos.

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Saumya Sharma

New York based fashion designer, art director, filmmaker, and artist. I also make handpoke tattoos.


Fashion Film, Direction

Recently selected as part of Nick Knight’s Show Studio Fashion Film Showcase, Sambit Biswas and Saumya Sharma's '1+1=1' is a satirical take on our relationship with everyday objects, delving into themes of familiarity, association and dissociation, all of which become commonplace emotions when experiencing the everyday. Objects that become integral to our surroundings eventually fade into the background out of familiarity until one small change that brings them back into the spotlight... why does this happen? 


Poster and tickets for the film screening.

1+1=1 premiered at Film Noir, one of New York’s longest standing arthouse cinemas.