Hi, I’m Saumya. I’m a designer and art director in New York.

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Saumya Sharma designs layouts, websites, cover art, footwear, handbags, and makes short films and photographs. 

She is based in New York, and was raised in Jaipur. With a focus on footwear and accessories, her previous collaborations include Proenza Schouler, Gray Matters, behno, Bode.

Saumya was the winner of the Accessories Council Portfolio Award 2019, Rado Star Prize 2018, winner of the Cricut Scholarship Award, finalist in the CFDA Scholarship Award and was one of the 10 designers from around the world to have been invited to Tuscany for Craft the Leather 2019. 

Her short fashion film 1+1=1 was reviewed by Nick Knight for Show Studio’s Fashion Film Showcase in 2022, was shortlisted for Fashion Film Festival Milano 2023, and Chelsea Film Festival 2022. Her fashion design work has been exhibited at the Consume Less, Consume Better event in Tokyo, at Linea Pelle in Milan, London and New York.

Saumya’s work loosely entangles the various mediums that she works across. At the moment, fashion, sculpture, leathercraft, film, and imagery inform one another in her work.

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