Saumya Sharma

Loosely entangling  multidisciplinary practices in handbag & footwear design, sculpture, leather goods design, film, and imagery.
I also make handpoke tattoos.

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Saumya Sharma

New York based fashion designer, art director, filmmaker, and artist. I also make handpoke tattoos.

1+1=1 Film

Directed by Saumya Sharma + Sambit Biswas

1+1=1 Collection

Fashion Object Design, Deconstruction

behno Collection 10, SS20

Handbags, Art Direction

behno Collection 16, SS22

Handbags, Art Direction

Dubble Vision

Art Direction


Electroplating Leather

What do sounds look like?

Directed by Saumya Sharma


Handbag Design, Material Exploration

Personal Misc.

Ideas & Iterations, Accessory Design