Hi, I’m Saumya. I’m a designer and art director in New York.

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Redesigned the website of New York based sustainable handbag label, behno. This case study also shows packaging, ads, editorials for the brand.
A visual cookbook by a fashion designer & a photographer has to be called that. Designed the cover and layout design for this pandemic project.
Have a Nice Tattoo
Identity design for an indie tattoo service in Brooklyn.
Poster and tickets for “1+1=1,” a short fashion film.
18.21, 16°N, 65.73, 49°W
That’s a photobook by Sambit Biswas that we designed.


You Don’t Own Me
Directed & edited this experimental short about celebrity culture, virality and consumption.
The Mute Cardinal in Scarlet Sunlight
A short visual narrative to accompany a poem written by Alec Burns. It’s really dreamy.
Lagaav- AFKAP
Music video for AFKAP’s single. His fans are the best.
Sound Maps
Concept video involving music, dancers, canvas, and paint.
Jinx (Ongoing)
Ongoing short narrative about relationships in the age of information overload.
Move Me (Ongoing)
Ongoing short movement film about the search for home. It talks about home being a place you can return to.
Short fashion film. Nick Knight got it on Show Studio’s Film Showcase, and said that it reminded him of Juergen Teller’s style.