Creative Direction

Functionality is the essence of design. What is the absence of functionality in design?

What seems to be an absurd, futile final product at first, upon further inspection, comes forward as an opportunity for interaction, a chance to alter. The final step in the process remains the viewer’s, thus making their transition from a viewer to a wearer—by choice.

1 + 1 = 1 is a display of product and function that is counterproductive by design, until interacted with.

This project eventually also materialized as a short film in 2022. See it here︎︎︎

“Tunnel Boots”
Unravel seams to separate.

Custom brass hardware hand-cut, polished and stamped.

“Sealed Mules”
Unravel seam to slide in.

“Topless Flap Crossbody”
Cinch to close.

“Short Handle Tote” Unravel seams to elongate handles.

“Bottomless Bag”
Lift up to hold together.